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Our Dental Implant Procedures

Our Dental Implant Procedures

The Journey / Procedure:

Dental implants are a complex art, requiring skilled and experienced surgeons. All of your implant needs can be met at our facility in Hampton.

This is a key point to understand. The entire journey for your dental implant is planned, placed and completed by Dr Max Patel at Siana Dental.

You do not need to go to different locations and see different practitioners. This eliminates the risk of their being a miscommunication between multiple practitioners (this, unfortunately, can and does happen in our busy world). This helps patients with trust, rapport and confidence.

Dr Max has completed International training in this vast field and performs the surgeries himself.

Implants are typically completed by Dr Max in 3 phases, spread out over a 3 to 6 month time frame.

First, we discuss why and which tooth needs removing. We then discuss whether you will immediately need a temporary tooth. There are many choices to make and we openly talk to you about these.

It is very important to consider having your bad tooth removed by the same dentist that will eventually provide you with the replacement dental implant. This is because he/she will already know what size and style of titanium implant is planned. This allows the removal of your tooth, in a particular way, which preserves the bone architecture and structure for your future implant.

This is a subtle but extremely important aspect of implant treatment that can often be overlooked, or lost in communication, when you have multiple practitioners treating you.

Indeed, Dr Max often immediately will place a bone graft into the space left from a tooth that has been removed by him. This technique, typically, saves you from needing a second surgery later on.

This bone graft usually needs 3-4 months to mature. We also ensure you are seen by our oral health therapist. She will clean your gums and help you maintain a high hygiene standard. After all, your gums are the foundations of great dental implants and natural teeth. Phase 1 is now complete.

We take a 3D scan of your jaw with our in-house CBCT scanning machine. From this we accurately plan your Dental implant placement. Dr Max will then have a pre-surgery consultation with you, where he will discuss the surgery and show you the surgical plan (if you are interested and keen!). He will also construct a custom surgical drilling guide using a 3D printer.

One week later is surgery day!
We will make you comfortable with one of our many anaesthetic options. You may have laughing gas or sleep dentistry. Once you are relaxed, we will place your dental implant in your jaw bone and underneath the gum.

Dr Max prefers to place the implant below the gum, as this provides maximum protection for your new implant and allows it to be set with minimal risk of infection. The gum heals over the implant, and you won’t even know it is there!

We then wait 3-5 months for the implant to set firm.

Once again we relax you with happy gas or sleep dentistry. Dr Max will then uncover the implant which was buried under your gum.

A digital scan of the implant is then sent to our laboratory. Ten days later, we are able to attach your new permanent tooth to your implant (which is now integrated to your bone). This tooth will restore your smile and chewing, and replace the tooth you lost

Why so long? I have heard of people getting teeth much faster.

Quicker dental implant treatments are offered globally. Dr Max chooses to provide dental implants in 3 phases, to ensure longevity, predictability and comfort for his patients. It’s all about risk. We follow an extremely low risk protocol.

Dr Max often uses the following “house building” analogy to help patients understand why he deliberately lets each stage of implant treatment be truly complete, before starting the next stage.

If a house is built in 2 days, using quick set concrete, quick set plaster and quick dry paint. Do you expect it to last longer than a house which is constructed, with each layer being allowed to set, cure and pass quality control first?

So, a little patience allows us to achieve and deliver a success rate of 95% with our implant treatments. Nobody wants a failure or rejected implant!

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