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IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

The Only Dental Practice in Melbourne where One Practitioner Can Offer End to End Process in IV Sedation with Dental Treatments

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne

Sleep Dentistry is Intravenous (IV) Sedation, also known as twilight dentistry. We inject medications directly into the bloodstream, which causes you to go to sleep. Sleep Dentistry allows Dr Max to provide dental care for the many patients who otherwise would not be able to receive treatment. It is a very safe procedure, and brings patient comfort to incomparable levels.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, fear of the dentist, or you are scared of needles, or have a gag reflex or do not like the sound of drills, then sleep and sedation dentistry is your solution. It will minimise treatment time and maximise comfort. You will sleep through your appointment and have no memory of it!

Complex and simple dental treatments can be completed in one to two appointments as opposed to multiple appointments. Unlike other general dental practices, Dr Max’s additional training allows him to perform the entire procedure without the need for an additional anaesthetist, saving you time and money.

Sleep Dentistry is Suitable for Patients who are:

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Benefits of Sleep Dentistry at Siana Dental

Endorsed Conscious Sedation Dentist

Dr Max's additional training and experience allows him to perform the entire sleep dentistry procedure, from initial consult to post-care.

Affordable Comfort

Saving thousands of dollars and hours of your time as we don't need to hire an additional anaesthetist and we have all the equipment needed in-house.

Custom New Facility

Our brand new customised facility is designed with our patients’ comfort and convenience in mind. Saving time and ensuring highest quality.

25 Years in Dentistry

Dr Max is practicing dentistry for more than 25 years and is highly experienced in both functional and cosmetic dentistry.

Payment Plans

Payment plan options like Denticare, ZipPay etc are available to ensure you are able to afford the dental treatment and comfort you deserve.

Multiple Sleep Dentistry Options

If intravenous (IV) sedation isn't a suitable solution, we also have many other options available to our patients.

Convenient Hours & Location

Located in the bayside suburb of Hampton, Melbourne, with late hours for the convenience of our patients.

Sleep Dentistry Procedure

Initial Consultation / Examination

Your first appointment with Dr Max will be for a comprehensive examination. Dr Max will inform you of your treatment options and help you understand them, so that you can make fully informed choices.

Step 1

Prior To Day of Procedure

We ask all of our patients to avoid food and drink for 6 hours before your sleep appointment.

Step 2

On The Day of Procedure

You will bring a friend (carer) or a family member with you to your appointment. We like to talk to you both, and re-explain the procedure.

Most patients sleep or snore through their appointment. The medications have an amnesic effect; you will have little or no memory therefore you won’t remember the dental treatment performed. 

Step 3

Post Procedure

We will give you fruit juice and continue your recovery. Your carer is invited to join you. We explain your aftercare instructions and let you go home. You are delighted and surprised that it’s all over and is so simple. You rest at home and are back to normal the next day!

Step 4

Imagine If You Can Sleep Through Your Dental Treatment!

Then wake up with the smile you always wanted

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Disclaimer: This information in this table is described to the best of our knowledge as at June 2020 and only applies to our knowledge of Sleep Dentistry in Melbourne. We advise doing your own research to personally ask each provider what products and services they are providing and who will be delivering these services.

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