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Happy Gas

Happy Gas

Happy Gas Melbourne

This is a completely safe technique for everyone. Happy gas reduces tension and anxiety, decreases pain. It also eliminates the gagging reflex in many patients and it works especially well for children.

Dr Max offers happy gas as a method of reducing pain and anxiety for adults and children. After a few minutes with happy gas, patients will generally experience a pleasurable or euphoric (high) state. The experience has been explained by Dr Max as a kind of light-headed happy state that can cause you to giggle (giving it the nickname laughing gas).

Happy Gas also reduces pain. We commonly provide happy gas for our patients whilst they are having their teeth cleaned by our hygienist. Patients usually “float’ through their appointments, and a 40 minute appointment feels like 10 minutes!

Happy gas is conveniently given through a silicone mask that covers your nose. We are usually able to complete fillings on children even without using a needle!

The effects of the gas disappear after 10 minutes, and you are safe to drive your car afterwards, return to work, or go back to school!

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