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Root Canal

Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment Hampton: Removal Of The Infected Nerve

The dreaded root canal treatment, is a complex treatment needing experienced hands. It is required when a patient has a severe toothache or an abscess. Sometimes these infections do not cause pain.

The problem is that the nerve inside the tooth is infected or dead. This is caused by plaque, decay, cracks, trauma, or sometimes gum disease. Temporary treatment may involve you taking antibiotics. However, permanent treatment is only possible by two techniques, either removal of the infected nerve or removal of the entire tooth (extraction). Removal of the infected nerve is the procedure known as a root canal treatment.

At Siana Dental, this procedure is painless as possible, because we have many different anesthetics available. Once the nerve has been removed, the tooth is completely sealed to prevent bacteria from re-infecting the tooth and causing pain/infection again.

After completion of a root canal, a crown (cap) is usually placed over the tooth to stop it from cracking or fracturing.

If left untreated, a bone infection usually develops. This makes further treatment more complicated.

root canal treatment hampton

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