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Tooth Extractions Hampton

This is the dental term for teeth removal. There are a few reasons you may need teeth to be removed:

– Severe pain from a cracked, decayed or infected tooth.
– Severe pain from a tooth suffering with gum disease
– Pain from a wisdom tooth
– Broken tooth that is unfixable
– Crooked teeth – teeth removed for braces (orthodontic treatment)

As unpleasant as it sounds, in experienced hands, removal of teeth is a painless procedure.

Siana Dental has many means of anaesthesia available, which means we can guarantee a pain free removal. As well as simple extractions, Dr Max is trained and able to perform complex oral surgical extractions at Siana Dental.

It is preferable to remove teeth before the infection spreads. This generally means less medication and less anesthesia is required to complete the extraction.

tooth extractions hampton

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