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Blood Therapy

Blood Therapy

Blood Therapy

We at Siana Dental are at the forefront with many progressive treatments. Dr Max offers a simple procedure which helps patients heal from teeth removal or implant surgery. It reduces post treatment pain and promotes faster healing.

This is a very popular treatment in Europe and the USA. Your blood can essentially be divided into two main components:

  1. Red blood cells: These are used to carry oxygen from our lungs to our body, and to carry carbon dioxide from our body to our lungs.
  2. Clear yellow fluid: Contains healing cells, anti inflammatory cells and healing growth hormones.

Dr Max will take a small sample of your own blood and then place it in a special device which spins the blood at high speed. This separates the blood into the above two components.

Depending on the procedure, Dr Max will either make a gel from the clear yellow fluid and gently place it into your wound. This is particularly useful when patients have infected teeth removed. Alternatively, we take the liquid and mix it with bone chips to make a graft.

In our 5 year experience with this technique, our patients experience less pain after treatment, and faster recovery. They also tend to require less painkillers and less antibiotics at home.

Dr Max is simply enhancing and multiplying your own healing power. You are extremely unlikely to have any allergic reaction to your own blood. We often have patients fully recovered from wisdom teeth surgery over one weekend!

The disclaimer is, of course, that results can vary.

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