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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth create many issues. Namely:

  • - Poor appearance
  • - Poor chewing
  • - Poor space maintenance – allows other teeth to “drift” and cause food packing in-between teeth
  • - Poor balance and spread of forces – damages remaining teeth
  • - Loss of Jaw bone

Missing teeth can also cause other teeth to shift out of a favourable position. This can affect speech, chewing efficiency and can also cause food impaction. This can quickly lead to the loss of other teeth. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants help avoid these issues.

When any tooth is lost, the bone in that area immediately begins to resorb (shrink) or dissolve (disuse atrophy). This can be a real problem since the teeth and surrounding bone formation are important for proper chewing, correct speech, and a youthful appearance. Without adequate bone, your facial appearance can change quite dramatically. Dental implants stop and/or reverse this process of bone loss.

This jaw bone loss can also mean that the correct length or diameter of the implant may not be available. Dr Max can correct damage that has already occurred with his knowledge of advanced bone replacement/growth techniques.

Missing Teeth Treatment Hampton

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