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Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad breath, also known as Halitosis is common and causes embarrassment and worry for a lot of people. You might notice that you have bad breath yourself or someone might mention it to you. Either way, it is very important to identify the cause, as there could be an underlying condition that needs attention.

A common cause of bad breath is the presence of bacteria in the mouth that result from gum disease, decay or poor breathing techniques at home. Other causes of bad breath include a dry mouth from medications, a diet which includes eating foods such as garlic or onions, smoking, certain weight loss diets, such as keto, or medical conditions including acid reflux.

At Siana Dental, we assess bad breath by performing a thorough examination to check for the presence of decay, gum disease and plaque/tartar. We also study your diet and social history, check your brushing techniques and suggest other products you could be using such as mouthwashes. Once the cause of your bad breath has been identified, then we implement the appropriate treatment. The treatment can be as easy as needing a thorough clean or changing your brushing habits at home.

Nobody wants bad breath untreated. Apart from the social implications and embarrassment, you want to eliminate any possibility of gum disease or decay as this can lead to more severe dental problems if left untreated. You deserve the healthiest mouth you can have. If you suffer with bad breath, please do not feel embarrassed to let us know.

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