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Are Your Wisdom Teeth Impacted? – How Dentist’s Assess Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth xray hampton

Wisdom teeth are assessed by your dentist. The assessment typically includes a visual examination, dental X-rays, and sometimes a CT scan.

During the visual examination, the dentist or oral surgeon will look at the position of the wisdom teeth, the amount of room available for them to emerge, and whether they are causing any symptoms such as pain or swelling. They will also check for any signs of infection, decay, or damage to adjacent teeth.

Dental X-rays provide detailed images of the teeth, jaw bone, and surrounding structures, which can help the dentist or oral surgeon determine the position of the wisdom teeth and whether they are impacted or have enough room to emerge. A Panoramic X-ray or Orthopantomogram (OPG) is the most common type of X-ray used to evaluate wisdom teeth.

Sometimes, a CT scan is used to get a more detailed view of the wisdom teeth and surrounding structures. This can be helpful in cases where the wisdom teeth are impacted or are very close to a nerve or have caused problems such as cysts or tumours.

Based on the assessment, the dentist or oral surgeon will recommend the best course of treatment, which could include monitoring the teeth, removing them, or orthodontic treatment to move teeth around to make room for the wisdom teeth.