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Dr Max uses digital radiograph technology to produce accurate X-rays for treatment diagnosis and planning. Thanks to powerful enhancement and analysis tools, the technology allows for precise diagnosis with minimal discomfort for the patient.


SIMPLANT is a comprehensive 3D system for accurate and predictable implant treatment. This technology can be used for the process of dental scanning, planning and placement of dental implants.


The Oraqix is a needle-free anaesthetic administered to the pockets of the gums. The solution is useful for deep cleans carried out by our dental hygienist. The anaesthetic is fast acting (30 seconds) and lasts for approximately 20 minutes.


To help patients feel comfortable, Dr Max also provides headphones so you can block out noise while listening to music in the dental chair.


AcceleDent® is an easy to use device generally recommended for applicable Invisalign patients. This technology is a hands-free device that is used for around 20 minutes of the day to gently vibrate and aid the movement of the teeth. This technology is FDA approved and has been known to speed up the treatment process for patients.


Dr Max believes all dentists (general and specialists) should use magnification when working in the mouth. The quality and accuracy of work is raised and even speed of treatment is increased (quicker appointments). Practitioner posture is improved. This is a win for the patient and dentist alike.

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