Sleep Dentistry – What are the benefits?

Man Sleeping During Sleep Dentistry At Siana Dental Hampton

Sleep Dentistry – What are the benefits?

For the last article in our series on Sleep Dentistry we look at the benefits associated with sedation dentistry to help you decide if it’s the best option for your next treatment.

Here at Siana Dental we have a reputation for the highest quality of care and service. We understand that for many of our patients a trip to the dentist often comes with a feeling of fear and anxiety. We don’t want that to stand in the way of our patients getting the care they deserve. By offering sedation dentistry, we are able to work around any phobias or issues you may have concerning your dental treatment.

The sedation options administered by Dr Max Patel enable patients to maintain a state of deep relaxation whilst dental work is carried out. Aiding the patient to relax gives us more space to perform complex and invasive treatments with minimal discomfort, therefore allowing us to concentrate on performing procedures in the best possible way. This facilitates us to provide you with extremely high quality treatments, which last longer!

The benefits of sedation dentistry for both patient and dentist


Anxiety and dental phobias keep patients from seeking the treatment they require. Sedation transforms dental visits into a relaxing experience, with patients experiencing a considerable reduction in stress or fear levels.


Following lengthy treatments you will be left feeling less tired and experience decreased levels of jaw soreness caused by holding your mouth open for an extended time. This is thanks to the muscle relaxing effects of sedation.

Patient Co – Operation

For a dentist the major benefit of sedation is increased patient co-operation. Unexpected movements of tense patients can sometimes make even the most simple of procedures a task. Having the patient sedated means we are easily able to perform dental care to a much higher standard.

Control over gag reflex

Reducing the gag reflex is another added benefit of sedation. Gagging and in particular gagging caused by anxiety can be easily managed with sedation, patients who suffer from having a sensitive gag reflex will experience a much greater level of comfort whilst Dr Max is performing treatment.

Little to no memory of the treatment

Following treatment under sedation patients often remember very little of the procedure. Patients often feel as though procedures take only a matter of minutes even if treatment has lasted for a number of hours. Invasive treatments such as gum or implant surgery, root canals or multiple extractions can be uncomfortable for some patients, these patients will benefit from limited memory of treatment.

Saving time

Sedation can assist patients tolerate longer appointment times with minimal discomfort or fatigue in their jaw muscles. This allows Dr Max to treat for longer periods and with greater efficiency. Complex or multiple procedures can often require a number of appointments, under sedation these procedures can often be completed in the one sitting meaning less time in the chair.

A consultation with Dr Max and the skilled team at Siana Dental will help to determine if sedation dentistry is the best option for you.

Dr Max (Mayur) Patel – The Sleep Dentist

Dr Max has a number of qualifications as well as extensive knowledge with over 20 years’ experience, he provides exceptional care to his patients. Dr Max takes pride in helping nervous patients become confident and anxiety-free. If you think sedation dentistry could help you overcome your dental fears talk to the friendly team at Siana Dental today.