Sleep Dentistry FAQ’s

What Is Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry is Intravenous (IV) Sedation, also known as twilight dentistry.

IV sedation is medications delivered into the bloodstream, therefore it helps you relax/sleep. Sleep Dentistry medications helps to block pain during a medical or dental procedure.

Sleep Dentistry allows Dr Max to provide dental care for the many patients who otherwise would not be able to receive necessary treatment. It is a very safe procedure, and brings patient comfort to incomparable levels.

What Happens During My Consultation

We will examine your teeth and complete a IV Sedation assessment. After this we will be able to provide you with a treatment options and a treatment plan tailored to your needs.  After just one appointment we will be able to schedule your sleep dentistry appointment.

We use medications which stop gag reflexes and reduce fear, anxiety and nervousness. Sleep Dentistry will reduce your level of stress during dental treatment. This in turn, reduces the stress for your dental team and results in higher quality dental treatment.

What Happens During My Appointment

Most patients sleep or snore through their appointment. The medications have an amnesic affect; you will have little or no memory therefore you wont remember the dental treatment performed. Yes! You won’t be able to remember any sounds of the drill or “the dental smell”. During sleep dentistry, like a light sleep, you are able to vaguely respond to verbal commands, or to a light physical touch.

Dr Max, our Registered Emergency Nurse and our support staff will be closely and continuously monitor you throughout the procedure. We monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygenation, carbon dioxide, and your heart function on an ECG monitor throughout the appointment.

How will I feel after Sleep Dentistry?

After IV sedation you will feel very sleepy.

Your career will escort you home however we will ensure you are safe to home before discharging you. You and your carer (the person taking you home), will receive post-treatment and home care instructions including what you should eat and drink.

IV Sedation is a quick recovery. You will be able to resume your everyday activities the following day.

Is Sleep Dentistry safe?

Safety is paramount for dentists providing Sleep Dentistry. Dr Max completed training in IV sedation in London in 2002. After moving to Australia, he also completed the Postgraduate Diploma in IV sedation, University of Sydney. Dr Max has been practicing Sleep Dentistry Hampton for over 15 years. This enables Siana Dental to be one of only a select few dental practices in Victoria able to provide Sleep Dentistry. Dr Max has sedated and treated over 2000 patients! Dr Max attends Sydney yearly to update his training and continue his education on Medical Emergencies, CPR and First Aid.

Why do other practices have an anaesthetist perform Sleep Dentistry?

IV Sedation is performed for many medical and dental procedures. In hospitals, it is very common for trained registered nurses to provide IV Sedation. For instance, a dentist, in Australia, to be endorsed as a conscious (IV) sedation and pain relief practitioner they need to complete a rigorous two year postgraduate degree. Additionally, they need to adhere to the strict guidelines and “set-up” their practice accordingly. Many dentists are unable to make such a commitment for many reasonable reasons. Simply put, it is very difficult and demanding to achieve the double qualification required. Therefore, they/you “hire” an anaesthetist to attend the dental practice whilst treatment is being performed. Consequently, it usually involves additional appointments, additional costs and restricted appointment scheduling.

Some Dental Practitioners provide ‘happy gas’ or oral sedatives as a substitute to Sleep Dentistry. There is a vast difference between the relaxing quality of happy gas and oral sedatives, to the sedative properties used in genuine Sleep Dentistry!

In conclusion, modern IV sedation practice, helps many people receive dental care in a safe environment. In particular, patients who would not otherwise be able to have treatment due to anxiety, fear or a specific dental phobia can now have comfortable dental visits.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have so call our practice manager today.

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