Explaining Sedation Dentistry

Lady smiling and winking after receiving Sleep Dentistry

Explaining Sedation Dentistry

Making complex dental treatments accessible

If you require a series of complex dental treatments, our trained dental team may suggest that you have intravenous sedation dentistry. ­­­­Intravenous sedation can be otherwise referred to as sleep or twilight dentistry. In many cases, our patients who have had a sedation dentistry appointment have very little memory of their treatment.

Why is sedation dentistry necessary?

Often sedation dentistry is needed if a patient requires a number of complex treatments. Sedation dentistry allows our dentist to perform a number of these more complex treatments within just one appointment. Sedation dentistry can also help our patients who are very anxious about receiving extensive dental care relax and feel comfortable.
Did you know Dr Max is one of a very limited few who are licensed to perform sedation dentistry?
Dr Max was trained in London and is an AHPRA endorsed conscious sedation practitioner. This extensive training helps Dr Max to ensure that our patient’s safety is never compromised.

Are you interested in learning more about sedation dentistry?

If you would like to hear more about sedation dentistry and how this technique can enable you to receive multiple complex treatments please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team in Hampton.